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If you are - paranoid, it does not mean that you are not being spying.

How to set up privacy in Windows 10? Why not turn off the automatic updates? Now, in the system we should to look advertising and corporations keep track of each button is pressed by us? You can certainly enjoy the tested older software, but better understanding and configure the new! Win pirat ship

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Run as administrator!

During the program do not do anything. Reboot follow automatically.
Do not pay attention to an error in the console - the way it should be, for example, the code can be written several times removing the same function in different ways to be sure.

Some functions may not work or partially work not at all, the code is fairly crude. But it gives excellent results and save a lot of time. Programme of 2-5 minutes is enough to set up Windows 10 on the level of the programmer. Manually setting this would take several hours, even an experienced master.

Help or assist me to become better! Have any ideas or solutions - you can share!